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100 KM 

Fastlane Swimming & Coaches Relief

Payment by Transfer: 

Bank: The Bank of East Asia (015)

Account number: 521 680 10434

Account name:  Fastlane Swimming Co Limited

Payment by FPS:


- #8456188

Payment by Credit Card (via Bookeo):

Step 1 - sign into Bookeo, Click Here. (or sign up for a new account)

Step 2 - go to Customer Area

Step 3 - Select Prepaid Packages

Step 4 - choose the amounts you wish to contribute (denominations are HKD $200, $500, $1,000, $5,000) and pay using credit card.

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Due to stringent social distancing measures, Swimming Pools in Hong Kong have only been sporadically open for a total of 4 months since the emergence of Covid-19 in January 2020.  These measures have greatly impacted sports coaches and their livelihoods.


Fastlane Swimming is seeking your help and contribution to the ‘Fastlane Swimming & Coaches Relief’ event.  Up to 50% of the funds raised will go towards associated coaches who have links to Fastlane Swimming whilst no more than 75% will be allocated to fund Fastlane Swimming’s operating expenses.




Have you tried to swim without wetsuits in Open Water?  Are you an Iceman Wim Hof breathing practitioner?


Starting from Saturday, 30 January 2021, Coach Dominic & Friends will cover various distances at different locations in Hong Kong  until they have swum the cumulative mileage of 100KM. 


How far is 100km?  

In a 25m pool, it is 4,000 lengths.

In a 50m pool, it is 2,000 lengths.

2 times around HK island with 10km spare

90 times across Victoria Harbour

3 times across the English Channel 

How to count: Suppose Coach Dominic swims with one other, i.e. 2 swimmers for a 2.5km outing.  Then the distance completed is 2 x 2.5km or 5.0km.  It takes 20 similar outings to complete 100km.  So, the more swimming friends and fellow coaches to swim each session, the quicker 100km can be achieved.

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