Adult - Learn to Swim


Never too late to learn swimming!!! 


We welcome adult beginners.  As long as you want to learn, we are here to help!


Our Saturday morning session has limited capacity, please come see for yourself how much more individual attention you are getting.  Very pleased to see so many moving onto Faster Lane swimming already.  We can help you learn reestyle, backstroke, breaststroke as well as butterfly in our friendly supportive group. 

Learn to Swim in the FastLANE!


All the Learn to Swim class will be held in dedicated lanes with swimmers of similar ability.  Don't worry about swimming into others as you would in public pools and and you can focus on your learning!

Individual Attention!
We give swimmers immediate feedback and comments!
Moving on to Training and Fitness


After Learn to Swim classes to help your swimming technique, you can join our Fastlane Master squad to train for pool competitions and open water races!

Swim in the Fastlane, send us a message, and set up an assesment: