Group Training


For Schedule and Training Fees:  Please click here

All swimmers training with Fastlane must register with the HK Amateur Swimming Association as either:

i) a Competition Athlete or

ii) a Training Athlete.

Our training sessions are open to swimmers of all levels, from novice adults and to experienced open water swimmers, From Olympians to World Masters swimmers. Our aerobic threshold pace sessions are ideal for improving your endurance for distance swimming.  Our drills and skills sessions (Development Sessions) provide a base to practice solid technique.

Joining the Fastlane Group Training

- to join the development sessions, you should be able to swim 100m in under 2 mins 30 secs and be able to swim 400m non stop.

- to train at SYS or Wanchai Swimming Pool, you should be able to swim 100m in under 1 min and 50 secs

- we recommend that you get started with some one on one sessions otherwise


Equipment to be found in your bag (also available from Fastlane Swimming)

- Fins

- Pull Buoy

- Paddles

- Googles

- Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

- Snorkel

Swim in the Fastlane, send us a message, and set up an assesment: