Fastlane Swimming- Founded 2010

Dominic is a great coach.  He is systematic and analytical in terns of how to improve your strokes.  When he sees something that needs work - he will give you a drill that's relevant and will help your muscle memory.  I enjoy his style of coaching very much.  I look forward to breaking a lot of my own PBs in the master races soon!

Jada L

Apr 2017

Dominic, Sandy and the other Fastlane coaches create a really fun, positive atmosphere. Swimmers are made welcome whatever level of ability. Sessions are varied between strokes, speed and distance. I have become a better swimmer and a lot fitter as a result of attending. Thank you Dominic and Fastlane!

Simon Holliday

Founder of Splash

Getting up for a 6:30am swim is tough. I can't say that the workout is always fun but I always feel good and energized afterwards. Great group of swimmers and experienced coaches who cater to many swimming levels without taking themselves too seriously! Highly recommended!

Mike S

Apr 2017

Fastlane Swimming caters to a wide range of swimmer abilities and interests.  For me as a swimmer who is more interested to swim for fitness, the sessions and coaching had helped me improve my stroke technique and provided varieties to my training.  I am swimming a lot better and more efficiently now than I was before joining Fastlane Swimming.


Apr 2017

A lot of thought and preparation goes into the coaching to produce sets that are carefully structured with varying rest intervals and intensities to ensure a great workout

Ken Thorley

Mar 2017

Very fun group of coaches and fellow swimmers! I enjoyed the participation in masters and open water races..


Dario Pong

Hong Kong, Mar 2017

Fastlane Swimming offers the right mix of technical training, tough workouts and fun. There is something for everyone, whether you are training for the world champs, an open water swim or just trying to get into shape. Fastlane is highly recommended!

Mark S

Hong Kong, Mar 2017

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